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Healing in the Glory

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The 2 disc CD set ‘Healing in the Glory’ is a contemplative collection of songs that is a comforting companion during quiet times of prayer and meditation. If you need healing in your body listen to the reading of the Word by Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke; you will be comforted, uplifted, and stirred in your faith to believe for your miracle.
Disc 1: Music and Scripture 
Disc 2: Instrumental 

1. I Am Your Healer (6:43 min)
2. Nothing but the Blood (7:36 min)
3. The Children´s Bread (6:03)
4. Broken (7:02 min)
5. Healer (6:15 min)
6. Arise and Be Healed (7:42 in)
7. Only Believe (6:00 min)
8. Holy, Holy, Holy (5:13 min)