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Bundle God's Promises for Healing and Hope (Book + CD)

by CfaN EU
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(Book & CD)

We live in a world that is in more need of hope and healing than ever before. And the only true and lasting source of hope and healing is the one true God, whose Word is full of promises—promises about His faithfulness, His mercy, His grace, His love, and so many other things. Jesus Christ is the Great Physician, and He is on call day and night. He specializes in all kinds of troubles, whether sickness of the soul, afflictions of the body, or the ills of society. So whatever you are facing, turn to Jesus, dig into His Word, and cling to the promises of hope and healing you find there. 
With a foreword by Daniel Kolenda, God’s Promises for Healing and Hope contains hundreds of promises straight from the Word of God. The powerful promises contained in this book are divided by topic so you can easily find the right encouragement and the right promise to stand on right now. Hear the heartbeat of heaven for your wholeness and restoration. 

The 2 disc CD set ‘God's Promises for Healing and Hope’ is a contemplative collection of songs that is a comforting companion during quiet times of prayer and meditation. If you need healing in your body listen to the reading of the Word by Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke; you will be comforted, uplifted, and stirred in your faith to believe for your miracle.

Disc 1: Music and Scripture 
Disc 2: Instrumental 

1. I Am Your Healer (6:43 min)
2. Nothing but the Blood (7:36 min)
3. The Children´s Bread (6:03)
4. Broken (7:02 min)
5. Healer (6:15 min)
6. Arise and Be Healed (7:42 in)
7. Only Believe (6:00 min)
8. Holy, Holy, Holy (5:13 min)