Farewell Crusade

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Through this inspirational set, you will experience the power of the Holy Spirit and be motivated to pursue excellence in your personal Christian walk. Witness Bonnke’s finest hour as he crosses the finish line and passes the burning torch of the Gospel to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the next generation

You can register HERE to view this historical mass crusade and impartation service in Lagos, Nigeria.



With the Crusade Streaming Package of 10 sessions for only € 19,99, you can watch all the videos in the lending library as many times as you like, for a period of 1 calendar year. Downloads will not be possible.


Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Crusade is featured here, celebrating 50 years of ministry in Africa.  

Like a mighty rushing wind, Bonnke took the African continent by storm with mass Gospel crusades that drew millions in attendance, bringing a legacy of over 77 million decisions for Christ and countless authenticated healing miracles. In the race of life, many begin, few finish well and very few leave a legacy.

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Autor Reinhard Bonnke

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