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The Bible reports the exact gifts the Magi presented to Jesus because each one was important and prophetic. Yet, as profound as those three gifts were, Christmas is not just about the Magi’s gifts to Jesus, and it is not about our gifts to each other. It is not even about our gifts to God. The real significance of Christmas is what God gave to us: His only Son and the only gift that would cost Him something.

The Magi left everything behind and traveled to a distant land to find the One foretold by Daniel and the prophets of old. Their gifts recognized him as God, as King and as heaven’s indescribable gift to us. Amazingly, they somehow knew the hour of their visitation, even when Israel missed it. They had not yet seen His miracles or heard His teachings. They did not possess all the Scriptures telling of Messiah’s death, resurrection and future return. They were truly “wise men” in the ultimate sense, signaling that, one day, people from every tribe and nation would stream to the King of the Jews. Therefore, Scripture has immortalized their astounding faith. They are now a powerful example to us, thousands of years later. Their story takes us beyond the traditional Nativity Scene into the real Christmas story. God is still drawing men and women from “far off” to be brought near through the blood of Christ.

In The Mystery of the Magi, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda gives you a powerful, inspiring and insightful teaching on the Christmas story, bringing a unique perspective to these particular participants.

Hardcover, 96 pages

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Biblestudy "Mystery of the Magi"


"Great and inspirational read. If you want to understand the origin of the Magi and how it fits in the the nativity narrative, read this book." V. Bryan


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