Shipping terms

  1. Orders for more than EUR 40 sent to postal addresses in the Federal Republic of Germany are not subject to a delivery charge. Orders for less than EUR 40 are subject to a pro rata delivery charge of EUR 3.95. Dispatches to other countries are charged by weight. In the case of deliveries outside Germany, you are responsible for any additional taxes and customs duties.
  2. The place of performance is our distribution centre. We generally deliver within 10 working days. Delivery may take longer, as appropriate, in particular cases.
  3. We are entitled to make part deliveries. In the case of part deliveries, we bear any additional delivery charges that may be due.
  4. If force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, war, terrorist attack, strikes, lock-out) makes delivery or any other service permanently impossible, we are released from any performance obligation. Any payments already made will be refunded promptly. If you are no longer interested in the delivery because of the delay, you may withdraw from the order. Here too, any payments already made will be refunded promptly.