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What does a circus, a ship, and a dance hall for teens have in common? God used each one of them to set Reinhard Bonnke on course for a very special mission: to share the love of Jesus with millions of people around the world. The Boy Whose Life Touched Millions tells the real-life adventures that Reinhard Bonnke faced along his journey from post-war Germany to the mission-fields of Africa. Evangelist Bonnke fills this first-hand account with daring escapes, supernatural encounters, and miraculous conversions. His amazing journey is sure to inspire children of all ages to open their hearts to God’s call in their own lives.

Colouring and Activity Book

This delightful coloring and play book presents some of the most important aspects of the children’s book about the life of Reinhard Bonnke "The boy whose life touched millions" in a fun way.


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