By Life or by Death

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Millions are receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior in unprecedented Gospel outreaches across what was once called “The Dark Continent”. Some of these campaigns have been the largest recorded gatherings of mankind in human history. Behind it all are tales of determination, courage, danger, drama, and the practical aspects that make it all happen. Trapped in a truck cab at the bottom of a swollen river; marooned in the middle of the Saharan desert; traversing malaria-infested swamps and being held at gunpoint by drug-crazed rebels in the midst of a civil war, where capture meant almost certain death. With a driving passion for souls, through conflict and tragedy, against the elements and against all odds, this is a true-life and still unfolding story of modern-day missions.

Paperback, 300 pages (including color photos)

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Autor Winfried Wentland

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