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YOUR KINGDOM COME combines the burning heart of an evangelist with the burdened heart of an intercessor. This book originated not from a writing desk or a university classroom, but from the front lines of the dusty harvest field where lives and souls hang in the balance; where prayer is not a luxury, but a matter of survival. From cover to cover it is a fast moving, hard-hitting, prophetic, challenge to the people of God to answer the call of intercession in the most urgent hour of history.

115 pages


Surviving your Wilderness

The wilderness is an untamed place, a most difficult season for the human soul. But it can become the source of greatest spiritual reward. As we have seen in the history of Israel, as well as the life of Jesus Christ, God establishes His greatest works in the wilderness.

In God’s wisdom, life comes out of death, glory out of suffering, streams out of the desert. All of this happens so that God alone may be glorified for His marvelous handiwork in the lives of those who dare to be fashioned in barren places.

80 pages

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